Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Septicflesh - The Vampire From Nazareth

Band:  Septicflesh
Genre:  Symphonic Death Metal

This hearkens back to my very first blog post back in September of 2014.  I had agonized over what I should have posted at the time; I was really trying not to sound too basic but I was also trying not to go too far out there.  Well I suppose I totally failed since I totally opened up with a Symphonic Death Metal song which basically made me the edgiest I possibly could be.

It was horrible at the time trying to not pick a "classic" song that I thought people would have posted a million times, and it was also really difficult trying to pick the voice of my blog.  I started out a little fact heavy at first because I thought that was the only way my blog could be interesting.  That was a great idea up until I totally ran out of easy facts.  For real, I had no idea how to manage to get a lot of things that would keep the posts interesting.  I'm really glad I decided to stray away from the that format, cause that would have made this whole thing a lot more stressful than it needed to be.  For crying out loud, I post a song every day, there's no way I could possibly get all of them to have an individual tidbit of info, you know what I mean?

But hey though, here's The Vampire From Nazareth, a wonderful horrific sounding song.  This is probably the pinnacle of the album with the way that the Symphonic aspect blends with the Blackened Death Metal.

Hey hey, I'm back to being hella edgy.  Yeh.

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