Saturday, December 10, 2016

Guest Post: Deafheaven - Luna

Band:  Deafheaven
Genre:  Black Metal, Black-Gaze

Many rides to work have been spent hyping myself up for the day and destroying my neck muscles listening to this 10 minute long wall of sound and pure musical destruction.

"Luna" off of Deafheaven's latest record "New Bermuda" opens with the gnarliest riff and a sudden barrage of snare drum abuse. It's almost unrelenting at times, but knows when to take a chill pill at the right time. By chill pill I of course mean the band's signature "shoe-gaze" interludes that progress into the most optimistic guitar chords and thunderous percussion.

This band receives numerous awards and recognition for their near flawless records including 2013's "Sunbather" and they definitely deserve the attention of many heavy metal listeners.

Being able to witness their fine-tuned live set while supporting Carcass was an enormous pleasure as well as deafening...(haha).


Today's post is a guest post by my friend Steven Attenborough of Bravura.  Be sure to support him by checking out their music too, its great!

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