Friday, December 9, 2016

Skrillex - Ragga Bomb

Artist:  Skrillex with Ragga Twins
Genre:  Dubstep

I swear I thought this song was here ages ago.  I found it back in like, the beginning of summer, so I really honestly thought I had to have shared it by now.  I really love the synth sound Skrillex used in this, it's so dirty it's falling apart while you listen to it.  Basically this song is a lot of what I live about Skrillex's work.  I don't seek out his music, but when I do there's always a song or two like this that's just great.

Yo, I can't talk about this song though cause I just found out that Demon Hunter's first single dropped for their new album!  :D  Hype hype hype

It's currently only available to people who helped back the album, but you'd better believe that I'm reviewing the hell out of this album when it releases.

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