Saturday, May 9, 2015

Beatallica - The Thing That Should Not Let It Be

I wasn't sure what to post today, but I heard my brother playing the into to Metallica's song One, which made me think of this.

Beatallica plays Metallica+Beatles mashups.  They actually have the full support of Metallica, but unsurprisingly the surviving Beatles want nothing to do with them.

I really love this song, it flawlessly blends a pile of stuff together and it makes me really happy.

**Edit 2.26.18:  Just wanted to swing by and throw some updates to my favorite song in Beatallica's discography.  This song is one of the perfect blends from the group.  From the musical combination to the lampooning of Paul McCartney's infamous "f*cking hell" in Hey Jude with a muffled "f*cker" right into the mic.  It's just a gorgeous song and worth a listen.

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