Sunday, May 17, 2015

B B King - Rock Me Baby / The Thrill Is Gone

As some of you may be aware, legendary blues musician B.B. King died on Wednesday the 14th.  The man was an absolutely fantastic Blues guitarist who never played more notes than he had to.  If you watch the videos here, you'll see that basically everybody else plays a more than he does.

One of my favorite things about B.B. King is that he makes fantastic faces while he plays.  I mean seriously, look at "Rock Me Baby" and tell me that those faces aren't the best.

My dad used to play the videos from Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival and Mr King was one of my favorite people to watch when he came on.  Sure, other people were good and all and I'm not trying to claim my musical taste was super refined then, but there were some people I just enjoyed more.

It's a really sad thing that this guy's dead, not gonna lie.  Check out the two songs here, check out his studio stuff, and just enjoy it a little bit.

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