Sunday, May 3, 2015

Album Review: Insane Clown Posse - The Marvelous Missing Link (Lost)

Yeah yeah, ICP sucks, I know.

You know what though, I only have a couple artist that I'm legitimately embarrassed that I like, and these guys are one of them.  I really want to review this though, cause it's only been out for something like 5 days.

So the first thing you should know is that each album seems to follow a central theme.  Even if it seems to lose it at any point you can be sure it'll resurface later.

This album starts out with a much darker sound than most of their other material.  The music itself that is, back in the day they started out with some reasonably dark lyrical themes.  This is heavy dark sounding synths though, it's a bit different.

After Shock though, the album starts to sound a little different.  It takes a slightly more "traditional" path, and is a generally enjoyable experience.

Falling Apart is a weird song.

I think the new Miracles/ Ghetto Rainbows would be the song How.  It's got that vibe going on, though it's not nearly as quotable as that immortal phrase "F*cking magnets, how do they work?"

Explosions kinda reminded me of Mushroomhead's song Bwomp, just a little bit.

After that song though it kinda takes a "downhill" path to a more traditional ICP sound.

Flamethrower is reminiscent of Bazooka Joey, but only in subject matter.  The song sounds very different, but I suppose it's not too important.

If you like ICP at all, I'd advise you to check this out.  I give it a 7.5/10, so not really too bad considering.  I feel like their music has actually taken a turn for almost legitimate talent.  Bits of this album actually reminded me a bit of Hollywood Undead.  Some of their new album reminded me of this too, but we'll talk about that in a week or so.

Have a good Sunday!

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