Sunday, October 12, 2014

Pink Floyd - High Hopes

Everybody knows who Pink freaking Floyd is.  And if you're a music enthusiast even half worth his salt, you have a vinyl copy Dark Side Of The Moon in your collection probably.  It's actually kind of obnoxious how many people have that album to be honest, since while it's good, all it majorly did was bring them into the US eye.  They were already a kind of big deal in Britain before that.

Back when they formed they had a very different sound from back in 67 when they released their first album (you listen to that stuff and tell me that they weren't doing hard drugs) than they were at the release of DSotM in 73, but that can mostly be attributed to the change of singers and primary writers.  Syd Barrett was the original vocalist and one of the guitarists in Pink Floyd, but he left in 68, and was replaced by David Gilmour.

Now this song is from one of their newest albums, released in 1994 and remastered in 2011.  I would call this song more of a David Gilmour to be honest, and he plays in in his solo tours quite frequently with a very minimal group which plays very well for the song.  In general, Gilmour's material tended to favor a slower, more somber approach to the songs.  He could probably play the happiest sounding scale in the world, but still make it sound really sad.

Enjoy one of my more enjoyed Pink Floyd songs.

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