Friday, October 3, 2014

Hollywood Undead - Bullet

When I first heard these guy's song "Undead" I initially didn't like them.  I thought they were just another band of too many sub-par rappers who tried to be cool by adding electric guitar.  Later, I found that there's only like 3 singers and that the other guys actually play legitimate instruments.

Something I like about this song is that it sounds like some sort of jingle, even though it's about a guy trying very hard to kill himself.  The whole thing from start to finish sounds like it could be in a cereal commercial or something and not gonna lie, it makes me like it a lot.

Call me morbid if you want to, but I like a small amount of humor in my music sometimes and even though this is really freaking dark humor it's still amusing.
I feel like if I actually had people who read this I'd catch a lot of flak from people who have experienced suicide in their life.

Still, like I said.  I like catchy music a lot.

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