Thursday, July 27, 2017

Wovenwar - Matter Of Time

Band:  Wovenwar
Song:  Matter Of Time
Album:  Wovenwar
Genre:  Metal

I feel like this is the best band to follow up after As I Lay Dying for a reasonably solid reason.  The band is literally all of As I Lay Dying with the clean singer from O Sleeper.

After the whole "I wanna murder my wife" thing, As I Lay Dying is on hiatus essentially indefinitely.  Tim has managed to burn bridges pretty heavily with the rest of the group, so they went off and made a new group.  That group is Wovenwar.

Another band that my brother has tried to show me many times, Wovenwar is one of the most solid bands I've heard recently.  I was pleasantly surprised at how good their music sounds.  AILD isn't exactly the best sounding band, but WW has such solid guitar tones, I have no idea how it's the same musicians.  But hey, nothing to be sad about there, we get a fantastic group out of it.

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