Sunday, July 30, 2017

Rammstein - Keine Lust

Band:  Rammstein
Song:  Keine Lust
Album:  Reise, Reise
Genre:  Industrial Metal

Now you can't just give solo artists the big ups.  There are some bands that really manage to put on straight up fantastic shows, one of them being Rammstein.

Their music is such a weird art, and their videos and live show only help that whole image.  This song for example is about extreme excess, and how it leaves you dead and senseless eventually.  The video shows this by having them all be incredibly overweight and waited on by beautiful women that they just don't have the time for.  The title of the song translates literally to "Do not feel like" or, I don't feel like it.

They really shine in their live shows though.  With fire, explosions, lights, and humiliation, they manage to transcend a standard performance and turn it into a whole new piece of art.  One of my favorite examples of that is their show at Madison Square Gardens.  Check out this one, Till, the singer, get's elevated a good 20 to 30 feet up with no saftey gear and shoots off pyrotechnics while he's up there.  The whole band has their routine that happens each show and it never fails to disappoint.  Probably the best part is that they manage to play the music really close to the albums, if not better.

Side note, I'm not sure if their mics do this in the live video I picked, but the guitarists do backup vocals at some points and the mics lay down on the stage till they need them.  I think that's pretty slick honestly, keeps 'em from being a distraction from the main show till they rise dramatically, then they go away again till the next time.

Any band that can manage to sound just like their albums when they play live are winners in my book, and Rammstein in that regard has earned a bit of your time.  Be sure to check 'em out.

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