Wednesday, July 26, 2017

As I Lay Dying - The Sound Of Truth

Band:  As I Lay Dying
Song:  The Sound Of Truth
Album:  An Ocean Between Us
Genre:  Metalcore

Basically my favorite band /s in the Christian Metal circuit because of the crazy story that came out of it.  This is probably a perfect example of me loving terrible things cause there's jokes to be made, but since nobody died it's all good, right?

Actually the face that nobody died is the best part of the story.  Tim Lambesis was the vocalist for AS I Lay Dying and, outside of the drummer, the only one that was there the whole time.  There's so much great stuff to read about Tim.  Like how he used to pray with kids at shows, and how he used to try and help people with their struggles, and how he tried to take out a hit on his wife.

That right there is my favorite part of the saga of As I Lay Dying.  If it was just the singers fall from religion to atheism I wouldn't be nearly as amused.  If it was about his struggles with steroids I would be bored to death.  But this is about how he lost his faith, became dependant on steroids to get in better shape, and then asked his drug dealer to hook him up with a hitman to get rid of his wife.  WOO.  What a ride.

I was reading interviews that Tim gave from house arrest when the whole thing went down and I've gotta say, it was a blast.  He was trashing the other band members for not reaching out to him (can you blame them?) and claiming that everybody in the band were atheists anyway so they had no room to judge (the band took great offence to this statement).  Apparently when he reached out to his dealer for a hitman the dude went running to the cops and turned him in.  See, Tim was having issues divorcing his wife and decided in his permanently jetlagged state that he just needed to have her killed.  His dealer setup a sting and got him arrested when he straight up said "Yes, I want you to kill my wife" to the "hitman" who turned out to be a federal agent.

Like, I was never the biggest fan of the band in the first place, bu after all this went down I couldn't help but check them out again.  I still don't think they're that great, but man, you can't knock a story like this, right?  I'm butchering it though, so I really advise you check into it yourself, it's a blast.

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