Monday, January 11, 2016

Joe Satriani - The Phone Call

Artist:  Joe Satriani
Genre:  Blues Rock

Day 1 of having traveled to another state to train people how to do their jobs.  Hey hey!  I'll give out an update in the evening/afternoon again like with yesterday's post.

I used to listen to this guy a lot and I can't quite remember why I stopped.  He's a really solid guitarist that plays notes like a machine.  Not as crazy as John Petrucci, but straight up crazy nonetheless.

I really love this song though, when I first heard it the fact that he was using an effect on his voice it blew my mind.  I'm not sure why it blew my mind so much, but it was probably because I was 14 at the time.


Well here's day 1 finished.  Worked an extra hour, climbed a ladder to the roof, and continue to be terrified.  You know what though?  This is a lot of fun.  My roommate is pretty cool, so far my coworkers seem cool, and the owner doesn't seem too bad either.

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