Thursday, January 14, 2016

Attila - Shots For The Boys

Band:  Attila
Genre:  Deathcore, Partycore
Language:  Strong

You know what the world needs?  Hollywood Undead, but in a Deathcore format.

I honestly can say this may be one of the most offensive bands I've found to date.  They are really crude, their music is generally not too great, and I am finding myself weirdly attracted to them.

This is day 4 of the opening.


So crappy song aside, this is the day that things start!  The update from today will go up on tomorrows post and vise versa since I'm not getting out of work till like, 1 am.  With this in mind I thought it might be easier if I just updated now rather than try to operate this site when I'm on my phone, ya know?

I'm gonna be honest, the only thing I regret about this is that I had an energy drink again.  I haven't had any since September 9th, but for this I kinda needed them.  I will go back to not having any when I come back home though, so that's good.

Have a good day everybody!

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