Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Let's Talk 10-14-15

 As usual, the music is at the bottom of the wall of text.  Skip if you wish.

Me playing bass at EYA
You know what, a lot has happened in the time since we last had a chat post.  I've mentioned a couple things here and there, but we're gonna act like I've said nothing and have all the updates in this post.

So I've been running sound at a young adults group called EYA.  Facebook link if you're interested.  So 3 weeks ago I was running sound for a black gospel band.  This was probably the most involved thing I'd done yet since the house band isn't really that big.
Usually I deal with 2 electric guitars, 1 acoustic, drums, a keyboard, a bass, and 2 singers.  The gospel group on the other hand had 4 singers, 2 keyboards, a bass, drums, and an electric.  The band leader also had some very specific things he wanted me to do with the vocal mixing.

Well it turns out this guy is a kind of big deal in the Cleveland Buffalo Pittsburgh circuit and he was so happy with what I did for him he asked me to travel with them to run sound at all of their shows.  You can't tell me that this isn't cool.  I'm gonna be actually traveling with this guy and helping make their music sound good.

This is a really funny thing to me, because if you follow the music I post here at all you'll know I'm into Metal, some Rap, and basically anything aggressive and/or guitar-y.  In other words, nothing that really screams "Hey, this guy likes Gospel music!"  I'm amused by this, so I figured I'd point it out so you could be amused too.

On that vein, I've also started down the path of being a recording engineer and sound producer.

I'm gonna be interning with one of the guys at EYA who owns a studio and used to work with Raven Sound.  I hear they're a big deal, and I know that this guy is really good at what he does, so I'm really excited about that.

On the production end of things I've taken the role of temporary producer at church while the current one has some time off..  I'm in charge of making sure the entire event sounds good at looks good, which is something I've been interested in for a while now.  I like working at Chick-fil-a and all, but I've been ready to leave it for a while now.  All of these things together are, in my mind, the first steps of many to get out into a "real" job.

Wedding day selfie with the groom.
You know what else happened?  As you may remember from my post a few days ago, my best friend Matt got married.  Honestly this was an emotionally weird time for me since on one hand, Matt was the happiest I've ever seen him but on the other, this was the last member of my graduating class that wasn't married other than me.  Now disregarding the fact that I only had a graduating class of 5, it makes me feel really far behind everybody I grew up with.  You know what though?  It was a fantastic wedding.  Even though I wasn't able to get through my full speech cause the maid of honor kinda hit all the same points I did.

Yeah, that's pretty much it.  I hope this helps explain why some of my posts have been going up a little late recently, lots of stuff going down.

Music Here

Band:  My Chemical Romance
Genre:  Punk Rock

Here's something I'm surprised I haven't posted.  The song is overplayed, but the band isn't actually too bad.  The album is really freaking solid actually.  I'll do a legit post for these guys later though where I can actually talk a little more.  Enjoy guys, see ya tomorrow.

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