Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Static-X - Push It

Band:  Static-X
Genre:  Industrial Metal, Nu-Metal

Let's continue the Nu-Metal kick a little longer actually, cause it's a genre that I've been stuck on for just a little bit now.  Honestly it really bugs me when this happens, cause it's not like I can just flood you guys with a single genre like this.  It's not really nice of me, ya know?

Still though, this is another song I've been using to make it through the days recently.  It got added to my "Zip and Zing" playlist that's basically all just really fast paced music that I enjoy.  It's all stuff I like, but since I've been stuck on it I haven't had too many ideas of what to give you guys.

Hey, I'll be out of this rut soon, fear not.

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