Thursday, October 8, 2015

Deathmøle - Ghouls

Band:  Deathmøle
Genre:  Instrumental Metal, Post Metal

I don't often post bands that don't exist in real life, but today is gonna be one of those days.  Ladies and gentlemen, Deathmole.

Deathmole is a band created by internet cartoonist Jeph Jacques.  I might have mentioned his comic strip Questionable Content before as a thing that is full of music jokes, well he also made a band from it.

This band is made up of characters from his comic strip, but he actually went to the lengths to record an album himself for it.  Turns out that went so well that there are now 7 albums, the most recent of which were actually professionally recorded in a legit studio.

Don't let the font scare you off, the music isn't nearly as scary as the logo would have you believe.  It's all instrumental and really cool with it's timing and such.  If you like guitar, but not screaming, then this is the stuff for you.

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