Thursday, May 4, 2017

Opeth - The Baying Of The Hounds

Band:  Opeth
Song:  The Baying Of The Hounds
Album:  Ghost Reveries
Genre:  Progressive Metal

As with many artists my brother recommended to me, I tried to needlessly avoid Opeth for a while.

Most of it is probably the Prog aspect.  I have a hard time getting into music that's really unfamiliar to me and there's nothing less familiar than Prog in my general music rotation.

Then I found out Mikael Åkerfeldt was in this band.  I've listened to him in Bloodbath for a bit and I'm straight up in love with his voice.  Hardcore one of my Metal Vocal crushes.  Now he doesn't scream anymore cause years and years of doing that have apparently taken that gift away from him.  Still good though, just not what I like as much.

Fear not though, this is Mikael in all his screaming glory.  The song has like, 3 or 4 acts to it since it's almost 11 minutes long, so I'm sure there's a part of the song you'll enjoy, yeah?

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