Thursday, May 11, 2017

Arcane Haven - Where Were You

Band:  Arcane Haven
Song:  Where Were You
Album:  Where Were You Single
Genre:  Metalcore
Language:  Strong
Bandcamp:  Arcane Haven

Firstly, shout out to Pittsburgh bands for being really solid.  I've heard a couple of bands that were a little smaller from there and they've all been really solid so far.  There was this Death Metal band called Post Mortal Possession last week and yo, they were tight.  Professional as all crap and entertaining.

The one I saw a little while ago was Arcane Haven though.  These guys were part of the first show I saw at the new Basement Transmissions location.  They used to have a tiny garbage building, but now it's actually a larger hall more suited for larger events.

I don't remember who they were opening for at the time, but I remember being pleasantly surprised by how good the were compared to everybody else that night.

It doesn't seem like they've put out any new music recently, but what they have out is still fun.  Here's their most recent single, hope ya like.

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