Saturday, May 6, 2017

Magrudergrind - Bridge Burner

Band:  Magrudergrind
song:  Bridge Burner
Genre:  Grindcore, Powerviolence
Album:  Magrudergrind
Bandcamp:  Magrudergrind

Geeze, how many times can I write this freaking band's name.

Welcome to the Grindcore themed month, May-Grudergrind.  I don't actually listen to the band, but I figured if I'm naming a month after them the least I can do is post them first.

I hold Grindcore in a special spot in my music collection.  Mostly because it's so over the top that you just can't beat it.  The incredibly controlled chaos of the whole thing is just a blast that I'm not willing to give up any time soon.  Plus my brother and I have a pseudo Grind band, so I kinda have to support it.

Not all the songs are about violent dismemberment like a lot of Death Metal and Deathcore either, they can be about normal things too.  Like this song.  This song is about a person who just can't keep their story straight and burns bridges with their friends.  Hella relatable.

Sure, some of the acts are absolutely awful, but that can be found in every genre.

I dunno, I just like shoving my opinions down people's faces, so here's some good old tunes to love.  Chao.

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