Thursday, January 19, 2017

War Of Ages - Chaos Theory

Band:  War Of Ages
Genre:  Metalcore

I have a lot of fun stories about these guys.  They're from my hometown so there's a couple times I had a chance to meet them.  That alone is a funny story, but instead we're gonna talk about this video, eh?

These guys announced a concert that was to film a video, so obviously Jeff and I were super pumped to attend.  I'm pretty sure I managed to stay out of shot for most of the whole thing, but Jeff is visible around 2:12 as a mess of hair falling backwards.

The best part of this video is my friend Isaiah though.  He's the dude standing next to the singer the entire video and he was so pumped to have made it into the video as much as he did.  Heck, I think he's in the thumbnail too, so he has a right to be ecstatic.

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  1. Looks like Jeff might be in there around the 2 1/2 minute mark, too. You guys have all the fun.

    1. Nah man, that was the guitarist or bassist, no Jeff in that shot, haha