Saturday, January 28, 2017

Haste The Day - When Everything Falls

Band:  Haste The Day
Genre:  Hardcore, Metalcore

Throwback to when I got my first iPod, holy crap.

Honestly I can't believe I didn't include these guys on the throwback week I did a while ago.  Ok, maybe it was like 13 days and not a week which would explain why I missed a couple bands here and there.  (started here if you're interested in checking it out.)

Haste The Day were a christian Hardcore/Metalcore band back in the day that put out a lot of really good music.  Good being a matter of perspective I guess, but really, this was a freaking awesome album in my opinion.  It has a high screaming of vocals that I've always loved and they manage to tie those into clean singing and gang vocals that just scream early 2000s.  Personally I could do without as heavy an amount of clean vocals because eventually you just kinda wait for the part in each song where they kick in.

Solid group with a positive message though, which is a little harder to find nowadays than it used to be.

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