Thursday, February 25, 2016

Impending Doom - My Own Maker

Band:  Impending Doom
Genre:  Deathcore

So here's another Deathcore band.  Like I said before I really did try to avoid them just because the whole schtick of Deathcore is to have a really loud, low, crushing sound and if I really wanted to I could probably justify more than half this list being filled with them.

I didn't do that though, I gave you variety.  Worship me.

Get it?  It's funny cause I'm calling this a variety even though I'm sure most of you all just are listening to this thinking, "Wow, htis all sounds the same.  And it sucks."

I can live with this though.

One of the things that's cool about this song is the high lead just kinda there to remind you how much lower the rest of it is.  Also this is one of my favorite bands, hence getting their logo tattooed on my body.

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