Monday, February 29, 2016

Lacey Sturm - I'm Not Laughing

Artist:  Lacey Sturm
Genre:  Post Grunge

This song makes me very happy because of one thing.  The sound I always loved about Flyleaf is finally back!

To preface this, the sound I always associated with Flyleaf was always the sound of just one of their songs really, "I'm So Sick".  This song didn't really sum up their actual sound, but it was the direction I always hoped they would go more.  Well as their albums went on the music started to go more and more in a direction that I personally didn't care for as much.  It was good and all, but I really just didn't like it as much, ya know?

Well I was helping a friend of mine write up some basic music stuff for a song she wrote and she said she wanted to make it sound a little like this song.  I hadn't heard any of Lacey's new material yet so I gave it a quick look up and really fell in love with it.

Honestly the song reminds me a little of a song called "Miss Murder".  I only remember that song from Guitar Hero though, so my memory might not be the greatest regarding it.

Still though, this song is great and you should enjoy it, eh?

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