Monday, June 12, 2017

The Fine Constant - Quiescent

Band:  The Fine Constant
Song:  Quiescent
Album:  Woven In Light
Genre:  Progressive Metal

I have never been one for exceptionally proggy stuff, that's always been more of Jeff's thing.  But ever since these guys came to Erie a while back I've got to admit, I've been interested.  Firstly, the girl, Sarah Longfield, is somebody I've followed on YouTube for a couple years now.  She's got some fantastic work that just kinda makes you either want to pick up a guitar and play, or just stop forever.  She did some collab work with Rob Scallon a few times if you happen to follow him.  This was my favorite one they did music wise.  I die with happiness every time I watch it.

But Fine Constant though.

Their music is really really freaking good.  Some of it is is chill like this, some of it less chill, but it's all really good.  Pick up a copy from the Bandcamp link if you like it on the cheap, it's only $9 for the whole album.

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