Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Stevie Stone - Midwest Explosion

Artist:  Stevie Stone feat. Tech N9ne
Song:  Midwest Explosion
Album:  The New Kid Comin'
Genre:  Rap, Hip Hop
Language:  Strong

There's some people that I listen to that from time to time I just stop.  Tech N9ne is one of those guys cause, while I love his music, if I'm not in the mood for what he has to offer I generally don't want to listen to any of the dudes on his label either.  Nothing against any of them, but all their music sounds like Strange.

But then I come back to them and listen again,  That's always a good time.

Stevie Stone is a guy from Strange that I keep leaving on, but I feel like I'm gonna stick around a little more this time around because I found some of his older stuff to dig into.

His new stuff is also great, but I hadn't checked out any of his older stuff till the other day.  His first album was straight up fire man, and that's what this song is from.

Well, not his "first" album.  He was the rapper on a math album too.  Like, multiplication tables.  It's lit.

This song is amazing though.  Like, yo, it grooves the whole way through with Stevie and Tech rockin' the beat like a...  Something that rocks, I dunno.

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