Sunday, March 6, 2016

Superjoint Ritual - Personal Insult

Band:  Superjoint Ritual
Genre:  Groove Metal, Hardcore Punk

You know what you need more of in your life?  Probably still 2 Chainz, but I'm gonna give you Phil Anselmo instead.

This is one of his many bands he's been apart of called Superjoint Ritual.  They're not too bad really, but it's not something I could usually get into.  This song is pretty slick though, I like it a lot.  It really grooves and since I've been into Lamb Of God a lot recently that's something I'm really enjoying.

Side note, I added 11.75 hours of work at church this week.  I literally doubled my usual work amount in addition to working 45 at my main job.  Total of 65.  I'm really tired, but I also feel really good about this since my brother and I recorded some song loops that will help things sound better.

Music is, as I hope you've noticed, a passion of mine.  It was really cool that I was able to use stuff I've learned in a recording sense though since all I've ever recorded before was vocals on some songs in the past, never really bass.

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