Thursday, November 13, 2014

Tech N9ne - Straight Out The Gate

I first came in contact with Tech N9ne when he did a song with Five Finger Death Punch.  At that time, I kinda assumed that he was a small time person, considering very few of my friends knew who he was and such.  I was just a little wrong.

I have come to realize that Tech N9ne is one of the fastest rappers around, and that his music is reasonably weird.

This song for example features Serj Tankian, formerly of System of a Down.   Serj likes him some political tunes, and after reading what his part would be in this song he probably said something like, "Oh look, an establishment!  Let's protest it."  The video seems to play off of the whole Don't Drink The Kool Aid cult stereotype, and the lyrics definitely are critical of people who don't question what is handed to them.

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