Sunday, November 27, 2016

Static-X - Skinnyman

Band:  Static-X
Genre:  Nu-Metal
Language:  Strong

Obligatory R.I.P. Wayne Static.

So I've rather enjoyed Nu-Vember so far.  It's been a pile of songs I've in general just enjoyed, I just wish I had planned it a little better in advance so I could have spread it out a little more and included different artists.  Ah well, maybe next year.  I don't mean to imply that this year's Nu-Vember is over, I just am lamenting my lack of proper post spacing.  Got next year's days scoped out though, so we should be good.

Static-X though.  Man, these guys just seem to steal half their sound from other bands sometimes.  You can usually pick out elements in their music that sound very similar to other artists which I feel is truly the essence of what the genre was.  It was loud, aggressive, and followed a generally similar theme.  I'm a huge fan honestly because of the raw untamed energy behind the work of Static-X, but I an see why it could bug people.

This one has some pretty cool shifts in it though, right along with the classic Wayne Static high vocal fast paced aggressive rapping.  Hope you enjoy it!

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