Friday, November 11, 2016

Album Review: Korn - The Serenity Of Suffering

Band:  KoЯn
Genre:  Nu-Metal
Album:  The Serenity Of Suffering
Rank:  9 out of 10

Yo yo yo, album review!

So Korn dropped their new album on October 21st.  I was stupid busy at the time and was teasing the idea of Nu-Vember so I thought I'd wait till now.  Well here we go, Album time.

Let's kick it in the style of the 2015 A to Z Challenge and pick strengths and weaknesses.

Strong songs?  Yo, we can't ignore Rotting In Vain if we're talking strong.  It was the first single they released and it was basically everything that Korn fans wanted to see.  There was a mountain of the old sound to it and then right as you didn't think it could get any better you get slapped in the face with the crazed beatboxing segment a la Twist but like, way better.  None of my friends knew what to do when this song hit, it was the old school Korn sound with modern mixing making it sound good.

I feel like there's only one song on the album that I just don't care for as much is the song with Corey Taylor of Slipknot.  It's not bad, but I feel like it was hands down the weakest single that was released and just didn't life up to what I had assumed Corey would deliver on.  It wasn't a bad song, I just thought it could be better.

Some other songs to make a point to check out though would be The Hating (very classic Issues vibe to it almost), Next In Line (got some good old DJ noises here), When You're Not There (just generally solid), and Black Is The Soul.  All of these are probably my favorites on the album, but it's all crazy solid.

The best thing?  They delivered on their promise, no Dubstep sounds.  I loved The Path Of Totality, but it wasn't as good a Korn album as it was a remix album for songs didn't have original versions if that makes sense.

This album is exactly what Korn needed to get back up there.  Paradigm Shift was good, but it had a lot of flops on it like Hater, Never Never, Paranoid & Aroused, and some others.  This album has their old edge while getting a modern twist to it of actually having well mixed music behind the vocals.

If we can get a resurgence of classic Nu-Metal sounds like this I will be one happy camper.

Since Rotting In Vain is my favorite track on the album I'm gonna have it be the one that get's featured as a placeholder on the playlist.

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