Monday, November 28, 2016

Sinsaenum - Army Of Chaos

Band:  Sinsaenum
Genre:  Blackened Death Metal

So if you follow Metal news in the half assed way I do then you probably are wondering what ever happened to Joey Jordison of Slipknot.

Well if you're like that then let me fill you in.

So it turns out Joey suffers from Transverse Myelitis which, long story short, means he can't really feel his legs too much.  This obviously hurt his playing with Slipknot since his double kick playing is kinda a staple, so he got kicked from the group.

I'm not too sure how he plays in this group because his recovery chance from this disease is very low, but apparently he's one of either the 33% that fully recovers or the 33% that partially recovers.  Good for him either way.

Music wise this is a pretty catchy tune that makes me want to hear more.  It's not often you get a Death Metal supergroup together so this is a bit of a special thing.  You've got people from all over the place on here, but I feel the most important to note would be Attila Csihar, vocalist of Mayhem and guest vocalist for Sunn O))).  He's a rather big deal in the Black Metal community so landing him to be one of the vocalists is a big deal.  He's the one with corpse paint in the right of the picture above.

I'm not sure what's with the heavy Nazi undertone in the video, but my suspicion is that considering some of the people they brought in it's one of two things.  1.  They give support to the NSBM movement.  2.  They're just going for the shock value.

Either way the song is actually rather good, so if you're down with Blackened Death Metal then check it out.

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