Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Twenty-Øne Piløts |-/ Tear In My Heart

Band:  Twenty-One Pilots (TØP, |-/)
Genre:  Alternative Hip Hop

I don't excessively care for hyper popular groups because I like to think of myself as something musically special.  I'm a gigantic hipster at heart, so when stuff like these guys come up I try to avoid them and continue listening to my Metal from Norway that you probably haven't heard of.

That's a hella sucky attitude to have though so I decided to once again post the band I wrote off back when Car Radio was their big single.  My friend showed me that video back when the song had less that 500,000 views and I really didn't excessively care for it.  He called it though, he tried to tell me that they were gonna be huge, I just didn't listen.  Well Eliot, looks like you were right and I was a moron.  I could have been a hipster fan but I messed that up.  Ah well.

Here's my favorite song off of the Blurryface album.

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