Monday, November 17, 2014

Mushroomhead - Sun Doesn't Rise

So I'm on a bit of a Nu-Metal kick right now, and I though what better band to continue with then the only band I listed the other day that I haven't made a post about yet.

So as you can see, these guys bear a reasonably similar look to Slipknot.  There's 9 of them, they've all got masks, and they play very similar music.  Also, like Slipknot, they change what their masks look like reasonably regularly.

They have a funny fan fight story though, which you can watch here.

Musically, I am both hot and cold with these guys.  Sometimes I'm really into them, then at other times I might hear a song that I don't like as much and I drop them for a good few months.  Eh, whatever though.

As a heads up, they have some really weird music videos.  Also this was a different mask era where they all looked the same.  Just as a heads up.

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