Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Children Of Bodom - Hate Me!

Children Of Bodom is a Melodic Blackened Powermetal band.  I think at least, it's kinda complicated because they're kinda a mix of all 3, but not really.

This is the band that Alexi Laiho is from.  You may remember him from the Amon Amarth song I posted a little while back as the guy that played the shredding face-meltingly fast solo.  In Bodom he is also the singer, so imagine the fact that he's playing most of these killer leads at the same time as singing.  Dude, that's intense.

Also they have a killer keyboard player who can follow the lead lines the guitar plays.  He plays them well enough that sometimes they switch out who's playing the lead and you might not even notice.

Hate Me! is one of my favorite songs too, because it has the best intro ever.  Seriously, that synth line makes me super ready to kick off the song.

Hope ya like this song like all the other.

Also, please comment, cause in the last week I got something like 60 views on this blog from somebody in France.  I'd love to chat with you, cause this is a kinda cool thing.

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