Sunday, November 9, 2014

So while we're talking covers... Five Finger Death Punch

So while we're talking covers I thought it would be a good idea to bring up 5FDP.

Now for the most part I have grown past these guys.  They started really strong with their music but over the years I would say they've become...  Bro Metal, be that a thing.  The solid musicianship is there, but all of the lyrics are just angry and juvenile.

On the other hand, they make some freaking great cover songs, and here's what they are.

From Out Of Nowhere - Originally Faith No More

So if you listen to Faith No More at all you'll know that they really aren't the same as Death Punch.  They come from two very different eras of rock and metal, but this is a really good example of 5FDP taking a song that doesn't sound like them and just making it their own.

A New Level - Originally Pantera

This one I only found out about recently, but it's really not that bad.  I mean, Pantera is really their own style, ya know?  Southern Metal is really not 5FDP's thing, but they manage to do this song really well.  I'd say that the vocal style just doesn't quite fit the song in this case, but by no means is it a bad cover.

Bad Company - Originally Bad Company

Speaking of different styles and eras, let's just look at this.  I mean really, the original is mostly a piano driven song and they turned it into a really rocking tune.  This song ranked as one of maybe 5 songs in my old Halo playlist and my brother and I slaughtered each other to it for hours.

Mama Said Knock You Out - Originally LL Cool J

I'll be honest, I hadn't listened to the original till the time I was writing this post.  And if truth is told, I really don't care for it too much.  It's not that it's bad, but it's also really not a style that I usually listen to.  This cover though is really freaking cool.  On the second verse (which is the third verse in the original) they even have Tech9 featuring his vocal work which is an amazing change up to the usual Death Punch line.

House Of The Rising Sun - Originally The Animals

Funny things going down here, Death Punch's drummer didn't like playing in 3/4 timing so they re wrote the song into 4/4.  I mean, 3/4 can be annoying, but honestly it's not that hard.
So the main thing I miss from the original is the absolutely killer organ solo.  This was made up for with a pretty decent guitar solo that really helps draw this song together.  I like it a lot.

So yeah, that's the list.  How you all enjoyed it, cause there's more of this to come yet.

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