Sunday, November 30, 2014

Guest Post: Spiral - Black Dwarf

The internet is probably the greatest human achievement of the last 30 years, since it allows the general population to access to basically all human knowledge and accomplishment, or listen to any music made by anyone, no matter how unknown or underground they may be. Without it, I probably wouldn't have heard about half of the bands that I enjoy.

So behold, through the miracle of the internet, today's band: Spiral.

Spiral is a Post-Rock/Alternative/Maybe-Prog band from Poland. They released their first album (Urban Fable) in 2009, and this past April they released their second, titled Cloud Kingdoms. These guys are currently one of my favorites (I've basically had this album on repeat for the last week), so I'm gonna give you more links than usual.

This is a live performance of "Black Dwarf" from Cloud Kingdoms, just because I like the live version. I'm also giving you the link to their Bandcamp page (which has links to their website, Facebook, etc..) so you can support them, because I think they deserve more attention than they get.

Apologies for the formating problems.  I don't know how to work HTML, but that was the only way to get this video in.  The YouTube search on Blogger is a little lacking but I needed this specific video.

Edit:  Got it to work now, never mind, haha

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