Sunday, November 8, 2015

Periphery - Feed The Ground

Band:  Periphery
Genre:  Djent, Progressive Metal
Language:  Strong

I feel like I usually have a lot of issues going from one musically extreme to another.  Like, I try to cut out some of the Rap and I switch to solid Death Metal for a week, or something like that.  I also always promise to try not to switch extremes.  Well you know what?  I'm actually gonna do that this time.  We're gonna have a good few days of "normal" music.

I'm on a kick of music that I just said I wouldn't post for a little bit though, but we are gonna actually have variety, I promise, haha.

One thing that Periphery is known for is having a singer that sounds like Katy Perry when he hit's his high notes.  He's better than her though cause his lows are stronger and he can scream.  Honestly he's a really freaking talented vocalist.

Outside of that the band is a really nice sounding group.  For a Prog group they don't really hit you over the head with it.  Some bands go hard with the weird time signatures and such, but these guys manage to keep it chill.  Still complex stuff, but a lot more accessible than say, Between The Buried And Me.

Listen to this with good headphones though, or a good system with nice bass response.  You'll enjoy it a lot more if you can hear all the hits.

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