Monday, March 2, 2015

Alice Cooper - Under My Wheels

Alice Cooper, the face of Shock Rock, the king of crazy stage shows.  He's one of those people that your parents probably hated.  Or maybe you were the parents that hated him, I don't run your life, you can be whoever you want.

This is one of his older songs, but in my opinion he's a really consistently good artist.  Sometimes his stuff isn't that good, but I have yet to find stuff I legitimately dislike.

Note:  I have not listened to his first album or 2, because I've been told they are bad.  This does mildly make me a bit of a liar with the above comment, but I don't really care.

He's got a really amazing stage show as well.  From hangings to getting his head chopped off this guy has done it all.  There's been knife throwing, lots of blood, executions, ghosts, monsters, and duels.  I can only hope that I'll actually get a chance to see this guy live and not just off YT vids.

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