Sunday, March 1, 2015

Let's Talk 3-1-15

Here we are, another fun little post cause it's the beginning of the month!  I was really looking forward to this, not gonna lie.

So, some blog stuff first:
  • We have only one more month till the A to Z in April, so that's cool, right?  I have all the posts mostly prepped with the exception of Q, it's giving me issues.
  • The theme for April will be full albums, and you know that's gonna rock, right?  Fun fact, there are only something like 13 albums with the first letter being Q.  13.  Thirteen.  That's not a lot.
  • In trying to keep music diverse I will fall into some sort of rut from time to time.  Like the avoiding Metal rut will bring us Rap and Hip Hop, and vice versa.  I will try to get past that, sorry guys.
Other stuff that's cool?

People commented on one of my posts.  This is a legitimately big deal, cause the only person so far has been my mom and while I appreciate it it's a lot cooler to see people I don't know reaching out to talk to me.  Sorry Mutha', you just don't cut it anymore.

As some of you may have noticed if you are long term readers, Jeff has not made a post in like, 2 months.  He decided that the stress to meet a once a month deadline was too much.  This most certainly had nothing to do with the fact that I would ask him for the post about a day or so before I needed it, totally not a problem on my end.

On a personal note I got a promotion at work.  Instead of just being the guy that knows everything with no benefits I am the guy who knows everything with benefits.  Also know 1 of 2 official kitchen trainers.  It's really cool, I shape people's minds and stuff.  #PowerRush, amirite?

Let's be real, there's no way I'm posting such a popular song without it just not counting like this.  I really like it though, and I might be filming a crappy little music video for work that has this song it it, so that will be cool, right?

So catchy....  That bass....  The low vocal line...

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