Friday, August 4, 2017

Rob Zombie - Superbeast

Artist:  Rob Zombie
Song:  Superbeast
Album:  Hellbilly Deluxe
Genre:  Groove Metal

So I went to see Korn and Stone Sour on Wednesday and it was a fantastic show.  I went there with a friend of mine who had seen Korn the year before when he was touring with Rob Zombie, and we talked about it a little.

I figured Rob would be a great way to round out this little live show dealio.  After all, while his music is fun, most of his draw when you see him live is the psychotic show he throws up.  I even got a video with the same song for you to reference.  Not gonna lie, this is a show I would love to catch live.  The man is a master showman.

I might have another entry into the live show series, but that depends on when I get an email back from a guy.  Till then, hope ya had fun.

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