Thursday, August 10, 2017

Ringo Starr - La De Da

Artist:  Ringo Starr
Song:  La De Da
Album:  Vertical Man
Genre:  Rock

Hey hey, it's my birthday.  Again.  Woop woop.

I figured if I'm gonna blow my birthday post on writing something that's subpar I may as well have it be about my favorite Beatle, Ringo Starr.

I used to trash talk Ringo to death.  Like, my brother and I developed a huge string of Ringo based jokes that only vaguely had to do with him as a musician or anything like that.  Somehow he managed to slink his way into the way we watched movies.  We called it Ringo & Chill, and it usually involves some sort of cocktail, probably pizza, and a godawful horror movies to trash talk.  It's a wonderfully terrible time that pretty much is me and my brother giggling away at some terrible ringo impression of how we thought the situation would play out with him standing in the corner or something.  It's lit.

But in all this I never really listened to any of Ringo's music.  I finally have now and I think my favorite part of it is that it just sounds like the natural evolution of what a lot of The Beatles music sounded like.  It's really solid stuff, I hope ya like it.

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