Friday, August 11, 2017

Interview with Johnny Crowder, vocalist of Dark Sermon and Prison

Band:  Dark Sermon
Song:  The Eyeless Needle
Album:  The Oracle
Genre:  Death Metal

Yo, so today is a fantastically special day.  We managed to snag an interview with one of my favorite vocalists, Johnny Crowder.

I'm crazy pumped to have had this happen, so I apologize about any formatting issues since this would be the first interview we've run on the blog before.

Noah: What were some reasons you originally decided to get into performing metal music?
Johnny: There is a level of honesty and transparency in aggressive music that you don’t see very
often in the outside world. I was very frustrated and confused as a child, and every time I
listened to heavy music, it felt like I was seen and heard. It felt like there were other people
out there that understood me, and I didn’t have to go through it alone.

N: Dark Sermon's live show was straight up fantastic. What were some of your main draws when planning what the show would look like?
J: Thank you! My focus usually centered around making it feel like more of an experience than a concert. Everyone goes to shows all the time, but when’s the last time you referred to a concert as an experience? I wanted fans to fully invest and just feel captivated and included. I wanted everyone in the room to feel like they bore witness to something unique and individual, like they were a part of something that no one else will ever get to see. Above all, I valued that personal connection.

N:  What was your reason for pouring so much passion into your shows and music?
J:  There’s really no other way to write or perform. If your heart’s not in it, art stinks to high heaven. It’s only when you’re showing your scars that anything artistic can inherit its true value.

N:  What would you say was your favorite tour you were on, and why? 
J:  This is such a tough question! I really enjoyed the Cattle Decapitation tour, as well as the Thy Art Is Murder run last year. There’s something about touring with bands that you listened to in grade school that reminds you of the value and efficacy of hard work and dedication. I love sharing the stage with older musicians that haven’t lost their onstage zeal.

N:  What was your favorite thing about performing in a band as theatrical as DS? 
J:  Being onstage was such a deep, spiritual, ephemeral, visceral feeling. It was so unlike the world around me. I could fully cast aside all of my inhibitions and allow my body move exactly as it was led. For a half hour, I let myself feel comfortable in my own skin. There’s really no other feeling like that, and I’m trying to carry that sentiment with me throughout my daily life now that we’re inactive.

N: Will that level of showmanship show itself in Prison's shows as well? 
J:  Prison is a much different band than Dark Sermon. The honesty meter is cranked up to 11. There’s a deeper, more liberal sense of connection with the audience that I couldn’t achieve through DS because so many people were too scared or put off by the candles and bones to come up to the front and spend time with me on a personal level.

As requested, here's The Eyeless Needle as our featured song of the day.  Enjoy guys, and thank you Johnny for such a solid bunch of answers.

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