Thursday, August 3, 2017

Pink Floyd - Hey You

Band:  Pink Floyd
Song:  Hey You
Album:  The Wall
Genre:  Art Rock, Classic Rock

I was so sure that Pink Floyd's Pulse show had a live version of Hey You, but apparently that's one they decided to skip out on.  I'll link to a good one here, but the whole show is fantastic.

But yeah, I almost didn't post Pink Floyd cause I totally forgot they existed.  I'm not sure how I managed to do that since they are kinda a large part of my childhood.  They were one of the bands that played a lot in my teen years.  Any time my dad was home there'd be concert of some type on and for a while that was Pink Floyd.

Floyd has obnoxiously good stage production and show concept in general.  A lot of that was due to Roger Waters, who was the primary idea guy for stuff like that.  After he split from Floyd he was quoted saying something along the lines of "That's my pig up there, that's my plane crashing, it's their dry ice."  It was a bad breakup.

Fantastic band, fantastic song.  Check out their full live show if you get time though, it's amazing.

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