Friday, March 31, 2017

Zardonic - Against All Odds

Artist:  Zardonic
Album:  AntiHero
Genre:  Metalstep, Drum & Bass
Language:  Strong

Zardonic is at the very least in my top 5 pump up artists.  His aggressive noise he puts out it just straight amazing.  The energy he brings is always top notch and I'm really happy I stumbled across his stuff.  Metal and Electronic anything seems to blend surprisingly well.

So yo, the A to Z starts tomorrow and I'm hella hyped.  There's gonna be a load of great music throughout the week and the month will end with an album review.  Realistically, what's better than that?  Probably a lot of stuff, but in the music department we're basically top shelf right now, so think of it that way.  It's gonna be lit.

See you tomorrow!

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