Thursday, March 23, 2017

Disturbed - The Game

Band:  Disturbed
Album:  The Sickness
Genre:  Alternative Metal, Nu-Metal
Language:  Strong

Without a doubt the best album Disturbed put out would be The Sickness.  Believe was a solid album, and the others have all had their hits in them, but nothing quite brings it home like all the songs on The Sickness.

There were a lot of songs on the album that were really musically solid.  It's one of the few albums where I think I can honestly say I like every song on it, and it's definitely the only Disturbed album that I feel that way about.

To rep the album though here's The Game.  It's a fun little ditty.

If you want you can check out this live version from a few months ago.  Draiman's harsh vocals aren't really that great for the parts that are supposed to be screamed, but the rest is fantastic.  Their new (2003 till now) bassist really tears the song up during the chorus.

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