Tuesday, March 21, 2017

War Of Ages - All Consuming Fire

Band:  War Of Ages
Genre:  Hardcore

A mildly embarrassing story for you guys today.  Back when I used to work in "the hood" I met a lot of interesting people.  There was this one dude who, when I told him I wasn't able to give him any water, had his kid pee on our doorstep.  Good times.

This is a better story though, this is about how I met the singer for War Of Ages and I didn't actually know it at the time.  See, I had just started listening to these guys at the time and wasn't super familiar with what they looked like.  Then these 3 guys walk into the shop, the drummer, guitarist, and singer, and one of them compliments my Skillet shirt.  I proceeded to say I wasn't the biggest fan of them and I prefered heavier stuff.  When they asked who I responded with Demon Hunter or War Of Ages cause I thought the dude was the singer for one of them.  Well Leroy, the singer, proceeded to tell me to swing by Creation (big Christian music fest) that year and see them, and after checking the lineup I managed to figure out who they were.  Good times.

These guys have some sick harmonized leads though and were really impactful to a lot of kids during the time when the Hardcore scene reigned supreme.

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