Thursday, March 9, 2017

Woods of Ypres - I Was Buried In Mount Pleasant Cemetery

Band:  Woods of Ypres
Genre:  Doom Metal

So I decided to pick a mountain of really sad music this week.  I mostly wanted a reason to share 2 hella sad songs close together;  After I asked Jeff for some song ideas though it really just took off in a major way.  I only came up with the last 3 songs of this run, and as such I will be a little unfamiliar with some of them.

The first 2 and the 4th were suggested by Jeff.  He's got a pretty wide pull on the Metal spectrum and I was not disappointed in this song.

Doom Metal is always a little down anyway because that's just how it is, but in this case it seems to be accented pretty heavily by the amount of clean singing.  The whole song is done clean vocals and it drives home the sad feelings since you can easily understand the story they're trying to tell ya.  I know the song's like, 9 minutes long, but give it a listen, it's worth it.

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