Friday, March 10, 2017

Árstíðir - You Again

Band:  Árstíðir (Arstidir)
Genre:  Indie Folk

As a guy prides himself on listening to a great variety of music, I'm really generally bad at finding new things.  That's what I have Jeff for though, he listenes to a huge variety of music that is mostly different than mine.  I don't tend to listen to Folk music so basically I'd never have listened to them without him dropping this hella sad sounding song on me.  Now before you say "this song isn't really that sad", I'm gonna point out that I thought these guys were Folk Metal so I listened to like, a full album's worth of music to try to find when the Metal kicked in.  Yes, I felt a little dumb.

It's a fantastic song though.

Ignore the fact that the video claims that it isn't available, it totally is.

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