Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Nine Lashes - Our Darkest Days

Band:  Nine Lashes feat. Ryan Clark
Genre:  Hard Rock

So I'm house sitting for a dude with two cats.  I have literally nothing to do here since my internet connection is some of the worst stuff I've dealt with in years so I've been playing my bass more.  I got really lazy last time I needed my bass amp so it's been in my trunk and I finally pulled it out to start using it to practice with.  Like, I had it in there for a solid 8 months.  Oops.  But hey, it got me working on music again and that's what counts.

My brother's band plays a Nine Lashes song, not this one, but I figured it I learned how to play it then we could jam sometime.

Long story short though he's the one that introduced me to this band so any time I listen to this group it brings it to mind.

Really catchy song though, I'd advise listening to it.

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