Sunday, June 26, 2016

Isosine - Thrifty

Artist:  Isosine mixing Lil Dicky & Macklemore
Genre:  Mashup, Rap

I can't very well mention Mashups without bringing in my favorite mashup artist out there, Isosine.

I'm 100% convinced that everything this artist touches turns to gold, and none of the songs he's released have made me think otherwise yet.  I love his songs that go in a comedy angle like this one I'm posting, and then there's his ones that are just really solid pieces like this one.

Unfortunately he's really hard to find now since people keep throwing copyright stuff at him.  He lost his Soundcloud because of it actually, which really sucks since he was one of my favorite guys to follow.  His YouTube is really inactive now because of that too, but if you look at his main website that I listed above you can enjoy the songs he's made since his YouTube departure.  His Bandcamp has access to most of his songs as well, so that's good, right?

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