Saturday, June 18, 2016

Rob Scallon - Theater Girl

Artist:  Rob Scallon
Genre:  Instrumental

I've got no clue what to classify Rob s honestly.  Unless I have vocals I honestly really have a hard time guessing by myself.  Usually I'll go to Wiki for more difficult bands but since Rob is a YouTube musician he seems not to have an entry.

Here's Rob though, the obnoxiously good guitarist.

One of the things that Rob does is take instruments like the 8 stringed guitar and use them for their non intended purposes.  Let's be real here, the only reason people would buy an 8 stringed guitar up till recently is because it's pretty much just for Metal music.

Well Rob has managed to get whatever this classifies as and Funk stuff going down with an 8 string, slightly changing the stereotype of what 8 strings can be used for.

This is a really cool chill song, so feel free to check it out, yeah?

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